THE BRINK w/ BENJAMIN BRYANT: INTERSECTIONS is a special multi-part serialized presentation on The Brink with Benjamin Bryant, set to kick off the new, full season of BZ/MP's flagship podcast, featuring writer and broadcaster Benjamin Bryant.
An investigative deep dive into the story of an American daughter, sister, woman, and soldier, INTERSECTIONS explores the aftermath of the night a tragic turn of events took away Ana Clarke's ability to tell her own story and created an opportunity for others to tell a very different one for her. of the night a shock tragedy took away her ability to tell her own story, creating an opportunity for others to write a VERY different story for her.
Host Benjamin Bryant, and producer Tommy Zamberlan, start with a nagging set of inconsistencies before ending up on an unexpectedly disturbing journey through questions of honor, due diligence, subconscious bias, medical neglect, and the tangled webs of government bureaucracy. In the end, they uncover far more than they bargained for, and inadvertently solve a mystery, potentially uncovering the key to a brighter future for Ana herself.

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