In Episode 2, journalists Ben Bryant and Tommy Zamberlan dive deep into the accident investigation report and its devastating conclusions for Ana Clarke. As they seek to understand the disconnect between the exemplary soldier described by colleagues and in military records from her ten-year career, and the portrait of a willful and destructive biker, callously putting herself and others at risk for a high-stakes police encounter, described by the investigator, disturbing questions arise.

THE BRINK with BENJAMIN BRYANT: INTERSECTIONS explores the aftermath of the night a tragic turn of events took away Anastasha Clarke's ability to tell her own story and created an opportunity for others to tell a very different one for her.

Host Benjamin Bryant, and producer Tommy Zamberlan, start with a nagging set of inconsistencies before ending up on an unexpectedly disturbing journey through questions of honor, due diligence, subconscious bias, medical neglect, and the tangled webs of government bureaucracy. In the end, they uncover far more than they bargained for, and inadvertently solve a mystery, potentially uncovering the key to a brighter future for Ana herself.

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Produced by: BZ/MP
Executive Producers: Benjamin Bryant and Tommy Zamberlan
Consulting Producers: Laura Tamayo, and Daniel Bachmann
Written and Hosted by: Benjamin Bryant
Edited by: Tommy Zamberlan and Benjamin Bryant
Music in this episode:
"You Need to Go" by Goldie Shine -
"In Dark Colurs" by DPmusic -
"Broken Cordon" by SpMusicGroup -
"The Assault" by SnowMusicStudio -
"Urban Life" by Audioflame -
"Something Good" by Infraction -
"Ascension" by Scott Buckley -
"Intervention" by Scott Buckley -
"Toy Thief" by Ionics Music -
"Medal of Honor" by A G Music -

(All music used under appropriate license or permission)
BZ/MP Assistants: Rebecca Michelle Vega-Contreras, Irene Cisneros
Additional Support: Amy Graf
Special Thanks: Christopher Nuneviller, Dalandra Belcher, Adrianna George, and Ana Clarke


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